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Tipple in the Tunnel for Two


A gift voucher for two people to enjoy a Hotel du Vin wine tasting combined with a short Victoria Tunnel tour.

The Ouseburn Trust and neighbours, Hotel du Vin, have teamed up to offer a unique experience in the city. The ‘Tipple in the Tunnel’ offers guests a 75-minute experience – a short guided tour of the historic Victoria Tunnel followed by a wine-tasting hosted by the Hotel Du Vin’s in-house Sommelier.

During your Tunnel tour, you will learn about its history as a waggonway opened in 1842 to carry coal from the Spital Tongues area of Newcastle down to the River Tyne, and it’s second history as a communal air-raid shelter during World War 2.

The wine tasting will take place in the Tunnel and the Sommelier will introduce and talk about 3 lovely wines from around the world. There will also be a blind tasting – can you guess your wine?

Some things you need to know…

Tipple in the Tunnel events typically run the last Friday in the month January to November. You must book in advance as places fill up quickly. 

The meeting point is the lounge in the Hotel du Vin on City Road, NE1 2BE.

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Terms & Conditions

Due to coronavirus-related safety measures, the Victoria Tunnel is running limited tours and has not yet restarted the Tipple in the Tunnel. Vouchers will be valid for 18 months from when we reopen.

Tour times are displayed on the website:

Advance booking is required - please get in touch when you have selected your preferred tour date and time. 

Valid for 18 months from date of purchase.

Recent Reviews

  • Extremely informative guides who brought the Tunnel alive with graphic descriptions of life below the streets. From an idea to planning and then labouring to build the feat of Victorian engineering. Also how it came to protect the local population from the terror of air war. A very interesting afternoon.

    Simon - Trip Advisor
  • We have been trying to see this for a while but it’s always booked up - I can see why! We booked the one hour tour. Great experience with knowledgeable hosts who regaled us with interesting facts and stories. A fascinating journey from the Victorian era to WWII - thoroughly recommended!

    Paula - Trip Advisor
  • This is a very interesting and informative tour, it’s kind of eerie down in the tunnel if you imagine the position everyone was in down there, having to evacuate their homes whenever there was an air raid and sit in the dark tunnel for hours on end with no comforts at all. We don’t know how lucky we are! The guide gave an insight into what it was like with lots of interesting stories about the people who used the tunnel. It was originally built to transport coal from the mines down to the ships at the river. A great history lesson. I would recommend this tour very much.

    Holly - Trip Advisor

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